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Bob Banford


Bob Banford was born in Camden, NJ in 1951. While in high school, Bob developed a strong interest in glass when his father, Ray, began collecting and marketing art glass.

Recognizing Bob’s enthusiasm, his parents encouraged him to pursue his interest, and bought him a torch for a graduation present. Thus, the Ray and Bob Banford glass journey got underway.

Ray’s main focus was collecting, buying and selling art glass, while Bob was interested in the art of glass blowing. They were inspired by paperweights from the antique classic period of the 1840’s produced by the most highly skilled glass artists of that time. These works embodied the use of intense colors and the clearest of crystal. Frequently, talented glass cutters finished the pieces.

Working together, Bob and Ray set out to create distinctive works of art glass paperweights representative of this style. Bob’ techniques were learned mostly by trial and error, since there were no places at that time to study such a skilled aspect of the craft.

Within a few years, their first saleable paperweights were realized. The Banford’s ongoing quest to exploit beautifully detailed and complex paperweights was uncompromising. Bob endeavored to refine the skills that enabled him to create the detailed petals and leaves in his “Antique French” styled paperweights. Over the years, he developed the combination of techniques essential to producing the variety of complex designs depicted in his renowned multi-floral bouquet weights.

Today, the beautifully complex paperweights created by Bob Banford are found at the Smithsonian Institute, Corning Museum of Glass, Chicago Art Institute, Museum of American Glass at Wheaton Village, Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, and many other prestigious collections throughout the world.

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