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Gartner Blade Art Glass: Stephen Gartner and Danielle Blade


Gartner/Blade Glass is the work of Stephen Gartner and Danielle Blade. Business partners since 1995, Danielle and Stephen combine their individual ideas, techniques, and experiences to create original works in hand blown and sculpted glass. Over the past decade they have been developing a series of pieces that explores their interpretation of objects of ritual and worship. The inspiration for these pieces is rooted in nature and begins with their mutual fascination with the use of objects found in the rituals of primitive cultures. In these pieces they hope to convey an understanding and reverence for the value of our natural resources.

Natural elements such as bone, antlers, vines, fossils and rock formations have inspired their signature designs which include covered vessels, chalices and sculptural amulets. Their work combines traditional hand blown technique with innovative color applications and original sculpting techniques.

Prior to opening their own studio both Stephen and Danielle studied with prominent European and American glass artists. Both worked as gaffers and glassblowing instructors.

Danielle Blade was born on the Isle of Wight, England, and was making glass while most girls were still playing with their dolls. Apprentice to her father, Martin Evans, a renowned sculptor and glass maker, she showed her talent in the exacting medium of glass from an early age. Danielle moved to the United States in 1985, and has worked with many prominent glass artists, culminating in setting up a studio with Steve Garter in Eureka Springs, Arizona.

Steve Gartner was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1963 and spent his early years living in Italy. This is where his love of glass first germinated. Upon returning to the United States with his family, he attended school in Charleston, South Carolina. He studied engineering and served in the military, both of which proved to be a valuable experience for the setup and running of the studio. Steve began his glassmaking career as a glass sculptor before realizing that his potential could best be expressed in glassblowing.

Steve and Danielle now reside in Ashley Falls, MA, and were recently awarded the prestigious Niche Award by American Style Magazine for original work. By the Bay Gallery has proudly included the fascinating art glass of Gartner and Blade in our collection of museum quality art glass since 1995.

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