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Glass Dancing Studios: Michelle Kaptur


Michelle Kaptur has been blowing glass since 1975, when she became the second woman in Oregon to take up the craft. Born and raised in Palm Springs, CA, Michelle, first saw glass blowing as a child at Knott’s Berry Farm. According to Michelle, "My mom couldn't drag me away."

An appreciation and fascination with nature lured her to Oregon where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Pacific North West College of Arts in Portland, Oregon, after which she spent 10 years learning the basics of glass-blowing.

Michelle then shifted artistic gears and spent several years painting, which “put together all the composition, color and design concepts” she learned about in school. She returned to glass with a much stronger sense of the kinds of design choices that define her work today. Michelle blew glass with Ice Fire Glassworks and Alder House before opening her own glass studio, Glass Dancing, in Bend, Oregon, in 1994.

"Glass, animals and wilderness have always been the magic in my life. I love to travel. At the heart of my travels are animals, wild places, and ancient or primitive art. I am curious about other ways of life and different cultures. I am blessed to have glass in my life. This has been a medium that has funded and encouraged my curiosity. It has allowed me to explore and know many environments and myself.”

Michelle lives and works on 30 acres of peaceful desert with her horses and new ‘best dog’ and canine agility partner, Sara. "This is the smartest dog I have ever lived with. She is an expression of pure joy with a bit of protective jealousy on the side. I aspire to wake up every morning as happy and ready to go as she is."

Michelle Kaptur is one of the most talented glass artists in the United States. Few artists have achieved the stylistic range that comes naturally to Michele due to her constant experimentation and endless creativity. Her work is featured in many galleries throughout the country, and is prized and sought after by collectors from around the world.

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