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Little River Hot Glass: Michael Trimpol & Monique LaJeunesse


Little River Hot Glass: Michael Trimpol and Monique LaJeunesse

The Partners of Little River Hotglass Studio, Michael Trimpol and Monique LaJeunesse are committed to providing their customers with the finest in hand blown glass. Michael began blowing glass in 1983 and continues to refine his skills by participating and hosting glass workshops with leading glass artists from around the world. Monique is responsible for the cold finishing processes of the glass, as well as the business management of Little River Hotglass Studio.

Michael’s glass designs are characterized by an understated study of opposites and proportion – the transition from a thick optical glass base to a refined thinness of a turned lip on a perfume bottle, or the balanced proportions of fascinating optics in the bubble paperweights.

Each design takes advantage of the physical characteristics of molten glass. Twisted ribs, undulating curves and geometric forms capture a sensuous viscosity. Rich, true colors are used to captivate the eye and highlight the beauty of pure, clean crystal.

Attention to detail is key.  Each perfume bottle stopper is individually handmade and carefully matched to a specific bottle. It is then ground to form an airtight seal. After careful inspection, Michael signs and dates his glass works.

These heirloom characteristics have made the glass objects created at Little River Hotglass Studio a natural choice for commemorating a special occasion, or simply, to treasure as a fine collectible.

By the Bay Gallery has proudly featured the art glass of Little River Hotglass Studio in our collection of museum quality art glass since 1995.

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