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Lotton Art Glass: Charles Lotton


Charles Lotton began his full time, professional glass making career in 1973. A successful hairstylist and salon owner, Charles had always possessed a passion for beautiful art glass. After melting scrap glass and experimenting with various formulas, Charles developed his own secret formula for creating magnificent colors of glass. His passion for glass remains today as he creates his beautiful pieces in his Illinois studio. Charles developed his own distinctive style and is known for his trade mark "Multi-Flora" design.

Charles also introduced his sons David, Daniel and John to glass blowing. Each of the sons apprenticed for their father long before attempting to create their own work and establish their individual styles and look. David and John opened their own glass blowing studios while Daniel and Charles head up a select group of accomplished artisans at the original Lotton Glass Studio. John Lotton has since retired from glass blowing to pursue another career.

By the Bay Gallery has represented the Lotton Family of artisans since 1998.

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