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Lotton Glass Designs: David Lotton


At the early age of ten, David Lotton was introduced to the art of glass making when his father, Charles Lotton, built his first glass studio in the backyard of their Illinois home. Working as an assisstant to his father, David achieved the skills and technical expertise to design and create incredible works of art.

After graduating from high school, David built his own furnace to refine the techniques taught by Charles and to develop his own unique style. David makes his brilliantly colored glass by hand, creating specific formulas which define each color hue. David's artistic expression reveals itself in his unique glass sculptures, vases and paper weights.

Working from the inside out, David uses a layering process which requires the application of different colors of glass that are heated and tooled to form a specific designs. Upon completeion, whether it's a reflective paperweight vase, or an iridescent threaded bowl, every piece is exceptionally beautiful.

David Lotton’s creations are treasured by art glass collectors throughout the world. His work is on display at many fine galleries and museums including the Corning Museum, the Newark Museum, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum.

Pictured: One of David's most popular designs is the Organic Sculpture. The two cavities are bathed in the traditional sunset hue while the interior is filled with textured leaves and vines. Encompassing the center is a rich purple or pink interior veil. An illuminated base comes with each piece making this design an elegant night light for any room.

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