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Prescient Studios: Jeffrey P'an


Artist Statement

My work is based on the re-invention of old-world techniques in the design of modern objects. It is important to me to maintain the transparency of the glass, the property that makes it so unique. As the light passes through the vessel blending the colors, patterns and textures from all sides, it highlights the space inside, the essence of the vessel form. Included are examples of production, limited edition and one-of-a-kind work.

I specialize in fusing and blowing glass mosaic into vessel forms. I hand make all of the elements of these designs, the canes, murrines, blocks, tiles and bands that are fused to form the core of the vessels, or fused to the surface of the vessel. This technique imparts distinctive textures to the glass that add to the color effects by catching or diffusing light in ways that are directly related to the patterns underneath. The texture is also a record of how the vase was made. Texture on the inside is a result of a mosaic being fused and then dipped in the molten glass, leaving a smooth finish, while external textures result from the mosaic being fused to the surface. The chemical properties of the glass can also influence how texture, color, pattern and form interact. The tiles used to make the ‘Resolution’ vase for instance are all the same size and shape when I begin. The different colors react differently to the heat and to each other, so careful planning of the mosaic is crucial.

Jeffrey P'an

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