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Mazet Studios


Mazet Studios is the collaboration of three brothers, Joshua, Eli and Timothy Mazet. Their studio is located in Eugene, Oregon. Eugene is a recognized center for extraordinary lamp work glass and home of the Eugene Public Glass School. Since 2000, these brothers have combined talents to craft some of the most creative and whimsical pieces produced today using the lamp work technique. They are well known for their vortex marbles, frogs and sea creatures. Their work has received recognition and numerous awards, most proudly the Eugene Public Glass School’s 2006 People’s Choice Award.

Joshua received his BFA in Ceramics from the University of Oregon in 1999. After graduation, he was invited into their Fine Arts Department as a resident artist. It was during this time that Josh was introduced to lamp working glass. With his experience in ceramics, Josh was already adept with flame atmospheres, kilns and the chemistry of glass. This allowed for a smooth transition into the new medium of glass work.

Timothy is the youngest of the Mazet brothers and a naturally gifted artist. He has a great eye for detail and precision, and is a self taught tattoo artist. After expressing an interest in learning how to work glass, he and Joshua set up a small glass studio. His skill is evident in the beautiful vortex marbles that he creates. Joining his brothers within a few months, Eli is possibly the most passionate glass artist you could ever meet. Spending countless hours per week perfecting his technique, he has accomplished a skill level in a few years that would take many a lifetime to achieve.

The three brothers working together allows for a great range of expression and unlimited potential. They are constantly creating and, like their personalities, their sources of inspiration are diverse. Ultimately their goal is the same – to make beautiful objects for people to enjoy and treasure for a lifetime.

By the Bay Gallery is proud to include the work of Mazet Studios in our collection of the finest in American Crafts.  

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